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About Us

Image by Lily Banse

About the Ziwa Dr.Diet

At Ziwa Dr.Diet, we are a team of dietitians and trainers based in Kerala, led by Dr.Hamid Muhyidheen. We educate all who choose our programme, on how to balance the required nutrition for a healthy, disease free life, from simple yet healthy home made food, and do not promote any kind of other products or medicines. We focus on helping people with their food style and lifestyle. Our experienced team first go through a complete study on nutrition and repeated training, before they start their guidance and training for our clients.

We are proud to be the reason and guiding path for over 10,000+ healthy weight loss achievements.

 Our aim is for our valuable service to be available for those who cannot afford expensive personal trainers and especially for people of various economic backgrounds.

And so we have made our services available for the cost of just INR.1000

Not only do we follow up every meal and snack of your daily diet, we also make sure that you get your required daily physical activity, and our Weekly Live Talks on Health & Nutrition and Direct Question-Answer session with our leading Doctor, creates a culture and atmosphere of healthy living in all of our clients.

Not only does this benefit the individual but their immediate family and friends as well. We aim to create awareness and health in the society by focus and creating changes in the individual. 

We believe that Health should not be perceived as a pill that you have when you need it, rather, it should be part of our everyday life, just as we breathe and live!

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